Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good morning, America!!!

Did you miss us? With college football officially done the focus is now on the greatest sport evah! We'll be updating you throughout the weekend with pics, vids and comments from the games. Our drink of choice? Chardonnay. Because that's how we roll. The viewing schedule is as follows:

UConn at Georgetown (game of interest) - Noon
Purdue at Wisconsin - 1:30 pm
Marquette at Villanova (game of interest) - 2 pm
UNLV at New Mexico - 4 pm
Georgia at Kentucky - 4 pm
San Diego State at Wyoming (game of interest) - 6 pm
West Virginia at Notre Dame - 8 pm

Temple at Rhode Island - 1 pm
Kansas at Tennessee (game of interest) - 4:30 pm
Virginia Tech at UNC - 7:45 pm

Bench press Asian women and stay thirsty, my friends.