Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fresh out on bail out of jail Tennessee dreaming

Que pasa?!

Like we promised, we were gonna keep you updated on this...

KNOXVILLE - Four University of Tennessee basketball players remain free on bond today, a day after their arrests on drug and weapons charges when a Knoxville police officer stopped the car they were riding in for speeding on Alcoa Highway near Kingston Pike.

Inside the vehicle, according to DeBusk, officers found a handgun under the driver’s seat, "accessible by either the driver or left rear seat passenger." They also found a handgun, with an altered serial number under the passenger seat, accessible by either the front seat passenger or right rear seat passenger, according to DeBusk. They also found a baggy of marijuana and an open container of alcohol.

All in all it was a total of $7,000 bond. And indefinite suspension. And the possible loss of scholarships. And the possible expulsion from school. And the taint of being criminals. All for pot. And booze.

Good job!


Bail Agent said...

Where have I been on this? How come I didn't hear about these players bailing out 4 years ago? I've been in some strange bubble for years sitting in my bail bonds office in Las Vegas I suppose.