Monday, January 4, 2010


Yes, we did that title for more page hits. Perverts. What's so special about Asian women?!

Anyways, Jeremy Lin, the star player on Harvard's squad is Asian American. And some people might not be so thrilled about that:

In the U.S., basketball stars are African-Americans first, Caucasians second, and Asians. . . somewhere far down the line. People can't look past his ethnicity. Everywhere he plays, Lin is the target of cruel taunts.

"It's everything you can imagine," (Lin) says. "Racial slurs, racial jokes, all having to do with being Asian." According to Harvard teammate Oliver McNally, another Ivy League player called him a c-word that rhymes with "ink" during a game last season. Just last week, during Harvard's 86-70 loss to Georgetown in Washington, D.C., McNally says one spectator yelled "sweet and sour pork" from the stands.

Wow dude, we don't know how you can take that night after night. We would have been getting technical after technical for the beatdowns we would give those rubes. Don't know how he does it.

"He gets pissed about it afterwards," says McNally. "I have to tip my hat to him. I don't know how I'd react. The type of dude I am, I might not be as mature as Jeremy."