Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sit right back and we'll tell a tale

A tale of UNLV's win over BYU in the Mountain West Conference championship. But not the fierce 76 to 61 victory by the Runnin' Rebels. No, we want to bring up the fan fight that happened afterward! least one Cougar fan's face was bloodied in the melees, and the wife of BYU's Lee Cummard was seen grabbing the shirts of two UNLV fans trying to run onto the floor. Several witnesses also said they saw Sarah Cummard throw punches.

..."Shame on UNLV fans." (Lee Cummard said).

...rivals lashed out at those around them, and angry fans spilled over chairs, down stairs and onto the floor. Several security guards appeared to be attacked, as well.

I told you Mormons were straight gangstas.

Brave Salt Lake City Tribune photographer Chris Detrick and reporter Rhiannon Potkey narrate this sad sorted photo essay about what happened. For shame.

Excuse me....