Saturday, March 6, 2010

This is it

You think that maybe it's over.
Only if you want it to be.
Are you gonna wait for your sign? Your miracle?
Stand up and fight!

Our viewing schedule:

West Virginia at Villanova - 12 pm
Cincinnati at Georgetown - 12 pm
Maryland at Virginia - 1:30 pm
Syracuse at Louisville (game of interest) - 2 pm
South Carolina at Vanderbilt - 2 pm
Texas at Baylor (game of interest) - 4 pm
UAB at UTEP - 9:05 pm

Florida at Kentucky - 12 pm
Wisconsin at Illinois - 2 pm
Michigan at Michigan St. (game of interest) - 4 pm

Make no mistake where you are, bubble teams. Take Kenny Loggins' sage lyrics to heart. ESPN's Bracket Busters was crap, this is the true bracket busting time at the end of the regular season and conference tourneys. So get in, sit down and hold on. 5 more days to Vegas and 8 more days until we know.


Bob said...

Lol @ michael mcdonald. UK will whomp FL, go Kats!.