Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

"This tournament at its heart is a huge money-making operation that makes millions of dollars for coaches, television networks and the NCAA, which is the sport's governing body.

It makes this money by shamelessly exploiting athletes, many of whom would never find their way onto campus if not for their ability to shoot a basketball. Although their coaches sign lucrative contracts, the players can be expelled for as much as taking a pair of shoes.

Ah, but they get a free education. But in too many cases, demanding classes are discouraged and athletes are directed to courses specifically designed to meet minimal academic standards."

All true. And we here at M2M have always advocated that Student-Athletes should at the very least receive a monthly stipend derived directly from the profits of their chosen sport.

But until that day comes where the NCAA comes to their senses, compensate these kids a little, enforce more stringent rules concerning classes taken and GPAs earned, let us ignore all of this and enjoy the splendor of the Sweet 16. It's go time.