Thursday, March 18, 2010

No grades, no tourney!

United States Education Secretary Arne Duncan lives in a right and honorable world. He believes that if you go to college you need to make passing grades. You need to graduate. And if you play college sports on a team that fails to graduate the majority of its players you should definitely not be playing in the post season. He even bristled when initial plans called for a ban on teams who graduate less that 40 percent of their players:

"Frankly, that's a low bar, and not many teams would be ineligible," Duncan, who played college basketball at Harvard, said on a conference call. "Over time, we should set a higher bar. But it's a minimum, a bright line, which every program should meet to vie for postseason honors."

However the NCAA powers that be just laughed in his face. We guess this won't get much traction.