Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a week

Our viewing schedule:

Missouri at Baylor - 1:45 pm
Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. - 2 pm
Providence at Villanova - 2 pm
Indiana at Wisconsin - 2 pm
N.C. State at North Carolina (game of interest) - 4 pm
UNLV at San Diego St. - 4 pm
VCU at James Madison - 6 pm
Xavier at Florida - 6 pm
Georgia Tech at Wake Forest (game of interest) - 8 pm

DePaul at Seton Hall - Noon
Louisville at Syracuse - 1 pm
Ohio St. at Illinois - 1 pm

It was unanimous how rough of a week it was for all of us. We just want to drink and watch loads of basketball and pray Monday never comes. Unless it's a snow day (again) and the wives declare Sex on Monday Day.


Printable NCAA Bracket said...

i thought the trillion man club might make an appearance at Illinois