Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Déjà Vu All Over Again

Are we really going to watch SDSU at BYU this Wednesday?

Are we going to put ourselves through this again?

The rundown is the same. A must win for the Aztecs against a ranked opponent to keep their NCAA Tournament hopes alive. San Diego State is creeping back into multiple bracket predictions as a possible 4th team from the Mountain West and a possible 12th seed. But we should know better. We've seen Groundhog Day. We know Einstein's definition of insanity.

But before anyone accuses us of schadenfreude, here is a non-biased opinion from College Hoops Journal:

"SDSU (20-7, 45, 77) Vital victories: New Mexico; UNLV. Damaging defeats: @ Wyoming; @ Pacific. I’ve said it for three weeks now: SDSU has to finish 11-5 in the conference to have a shot; it’s 9-4 now. It goes to Provo Wednesday for a massive game. Winning that would be plate-shifting in the Mountain West. A loss there and SDSU would need to run the table until the conference title game."

So, without further ado our official M2M Prediction is: SDSU loses close one in the final minutes, 71 to 80.



AFare24Get said...

More cheerleaders!