Saturday, February 27, 2010

No wise man has the power to reason away

Our viewing schedule:

Kentucky at Tennessee (game of interest) - 12 pm
Texas at Texas A&M - 2 pm
Cincinnati at West Virginia - 2 pm
VCU at Old Dominion - 4 pm
Villanova at Syracuse - 8 pm

Marquette at Seton Hall - 12 pm
Richmond at Xavier (game of interest) - 1 pm
Michigan St. at Purdue - 4 pm
Duke at Virginia - 7:45 pm

Now we get to the part of the season where people start grasping at straws on why their team should get into the tournament, hence the Doobie Brothers reference. We believe SDSU will totally get in based on quality wins and their RPI. Yeah.

We're talking about the NIT of course. Go Aztecs...