Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This one's optimistic

For all you guys who feel like you are on the outside looking in, this one's for you. Buffalo, Morgan State, North Dakota State, VMI and Jacksonville, this could be your year to dance:

March is coming, and these five schools are either leading their conferences, or close to it. They have had their noses pressed to the NCAA tournament window for decades. Maybe this year is different.

The only one we really believe in is Virginia Military Institute which has the record and the upset wins to show (Kentucky). We would even put some money down on that if pressed.

Speaking of which...

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Ryan said...

NDSU is the fav to win the Summit league tourney, though Oral and Oakland do present legit problems for them. But when Woodside and Winkleman are hot at the same time, no league team really has a shot. Jones and Kangas would probably beg to differ but the difference is that Woodside and Winks do lots more than just shoot and score... o nthe other hand Kangas is strickly a shooter and does little of anything else.

Where Oakland might have an edge is at the center position. Benson can effect a game at either end of the court, Moorman, notsomuch.

Go Oakland!