Monday, February 23, 2009

BlogPoll Week 3

We are back with a vengeance. Look out CBS! And remember, this is not a power poll.

1 Pittsburgh
2 Connecticut
3 Memphis
4 Oklahoma
5 Missouri
6 Villanova
7 Louisville
8 Michigan
9 Duke
10 Marquette
11 North Carolina
12 Wake Forest
13 Kansas
14 Clemson
15 Arizona St.
16 Xavier
17 Illinois
18 Purdue
19 Butler
20 Washington
21 Gonzaga
22 Texas
23 St. Mary's
24 Louisiana St.

Comments - This was an absolute clusterfuck. Everyone who we thought was deserving of a high ranking lost and everyone who we think suck kept on winning. What pained us the most was ranking an SEC team, but shit... Who else would we put in that #24 slot? We also got raked over the coals for not ranking Michigan State the last time we did this. Purely our mistake as they most certainly deserve ranking. And Pittsburgh at #1? Why not? The never ending rotation of musical chairs lands with them now. We guarantee that they will not be there next week.