Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March Madness blog rankings

So sometimes we get accused of being Judases, as we are fans and alumnus of San Diego State, but we trash talk them so much. We guess those are the side effects of being in an abusive relationship with the school. So we want to show what other people are saying about our beloved Aztecs just as a counter point to our gloominess. Maybe it will help keep perspective on things.

Here is week two -

The Bracket Board: Has SDSU out
College Hoops Journal: Has SDSU in
March Madness All Season: Has SDSU in
Joe Lunardi: Has SDSU in

So the loss to Utah in their house wasn't enough top persuade folks to give up on the Aztecs' chances. However the most influential blog in our opinion (Bracket Board) has them out which worries us. Also it was universally mentioned that that they need to win the remainder of their games to keep hope alive.