Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're going international with our thuggery

But first, we understand that driving can be very stressful. Heck, we know some people who need to take a Xanax before hitting the road (of course that was after a major accident).

Maybe that is the reason why Georgia guard Billy Humphrey needs to have a few drinks before he gets behind the wheel.

Humphrey was arrested early Tuesday morning for drunk driving. He faces a possible 15-game suspension for a second violation of Georgia Athletic Association alcohol rules. The circumstances and the timing of the arrests could mitigate the association's penalties.

Officers admitted Humphrey into the Gwinnett County jail at 3:32 a.m. on Tuesday for DUI, failure to maintain his lane and purchasing alcohol while underage. It was his third overall arrest since November.

Which basically means he is gone baby gone. Exactly what the Bulldogs need at this point. Good luck with all that, coach!

UPDATE: Humphrey begged like a bitch not to be arrested. "You'll ruin my career!" he says.

No, sir. You did that yourself.

Now for the crazy ass news. A month or so ago we talked about Binghamton University forward Miladin Kovacevic knocking the sweet bejebus out of some guy. What we didn't talk about was that after Kovacevic's arrest, the Serbian government paid $100,000 to get him out of jail and gave him an emergency "flee now" passport!

(United States) Senator Charles Schumer is calling for sanctions against Serbia if Kovacevic is not returned.

"We want this Serbian national who perpetrated this crime, who has a warrant out for arrest for this crime, he has to be returned immediately or they'll be the severest of consequences." says Schumer.

The FBI has made this a high priority case.

Good gravy that Serb has some pull. Maybe he is dating one of Boris Tadić's daughters?