Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Overkill? Naw...

HBO is set to do the first ever documentary on the Duke-UNC rivalry...

< /sarcasm>

Because we really need to know exactly how it started and why it continues. Really, this will basically explain the game of basketball itself. And it airs a month before March Madness 2009 no less. We can't wait. We are so excited. Our TiVos are ready. Yeah...

Next up, star high school b-ball player decides he can make a name for himself slinging cane rather than playing college basketball.

Benjamin Brooks, 18, of Williston, Vt., was charged with multiple counts of cocaine sale, each punishable by up to 5 years in prison, police said.

Brooks is a star at Champlain Valley Union high school and is currently serving a deferred sentence for a 2007 drug arrest. Police seized cocaine, marijuana, scales and drug paraphernalia from his home. He was allowed to play basketball after the arrest.

The best, he was "allowed" to keep playing after he was arrested. Hmmm, criminal acts and possible jail time or a phenomenal college basketball career? Tough choice for some.