Monday, September 17, 2007

The Big Ten - Catch it!

Great article about the lack of firepower from this year's Big Ten conference. I hadn't really though about it until now, but WOW did they lose some key players!

* Ohio State lost Greg Oden & Ron "Clutch" Lewis
* Wisconsin lost Alando Tucker and Chris Rock Kammron Taylor
* Illinois lost Warren Carter
* Purdue lost Carl Landry and David Teague.

To me, Michigan State seems to be the only power right now with Drew Neitzel. I know the article mentions Indiana, but c'mon. Unless Gene Hackman is patrolling the sideline, my gut reaction is they will not go very far this year.


Oh, and man I have a sizzling hot Wednesday Moment of Zen for you guys. First one I will have to do behind a link. No technical nudity but... Anyhow, two more days. Just think of an "L" type word.


kurt w said...

Very true...both Wisconsin and Ohio State were wiped out, and I suspect Michigan State will disappoint again.

Gabby said...

I think we might be surprised about the Spartans. With that year of tourney experience under Neitzel's belt, he can turn into how Ron Lewis was for Ohio State (game saving performances).