Friday, April 2, 2010

We are sheep. Baaaaaaaa...

Everyone is doing a top moments of this tournament or top moments of the tournament in general. So here are our fav moments of this tourney:

1) The hat

Being in Las Vegas when San Diego State won the Mountain West Tournament outright for an automatic bid to the Dance. This will stick with us for years to come. Go Aztecs.

2) Kansas State / Xavier double overtime

Two overtimes because of ridiculous last second off balance three point shots to keep each team alive. The phrase "This is what it's all about" kept on being said at Gabby's house long after the game was over.

3) Kansas State / Butler

You had crying cheerleaders. Enough said!

4) Northern Iowa rocks the fucking world

This will be remembered as the defining moment of the tournament. Kansas. Kansas? UNI beat number one ranked KANSAS! After the game we turned to Mrs. March to Madness and said "Remember this moment. Tell your children about this moment. Tell your grandchildren about this moment. Make sure they never forget."

Happy Friday.