Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A proper goodbye...

No, this blog is not going away. You wish.

But I did. It's Gabby, one part of the writing crew here at M2M. And no, I'm not going away from this blog either. I just left the place where I founded this blog.

Ok, see I have lived in Los Angeles for about 20 years. And because of job stuff I find myself here in Richmond, VA with Mrs. M2M. Not a huge shock for me because I was born in Hampton, VA which is about 80 miles from Richmond. So I know what to expect from the area. I was reading the awesome Snarkastic and she just moved from LA too and her post inspired me to do a similar post. Because I have no original thoughts of my own. So, here are the things I will miss the most being away from the city of angels...

1) Sunset Blvd.

This is where I first started partying at 18 years old. And this is where I had my last big night out with my friends 20 years later, eventually ending the night at Toi Thai. The restaurant that is so popular they need a doorman as well as a hostess. The choices between bars, restaurants and clubs still boggle my mind. But my fav was...

2) Red Rock

Don't tell Mrs. M2M but this was the place I probably met the most ladies at when I was single. I use to go here BY MYSELF before I knew anyone in the area. Oh, and the food is kind of good too.

3) The Arclight (formerly known as the Cinerama Dome)

Where else can you have a three star dinner, get liquored up, stumble a couple of feet and see a synapse-melting blockbuster movie on a two story high screen all in one building? That place.

4) Club Violaine. The Mayflower restaurant afterward. Locals hangout. Enough said.

5) 3.5 Hour drive to Las Vegas.

6) Elegance has a name and it is Takami. If the sashimi doesn't blow you away, the view will. I'm starting to weep a little.

It's been fun Los Angeles, but now it is time for me to settle down. Get in that good southern country living. Taking it slow.

Basketball in two months, people!